About us

SagaNatura‘s focuses on and produces the Icelandic pure, natural form the wild growing organic herb Archangelica Angelica and high-quality Astaxanthin

The Story

SagaNatura is a vertically integrated biotech company that focuses on developing and selling natural products from algae and plants for the supplement, nutraceutical and cosmetic market. SagaNatura was formed in a 2018 merger of the Icelandic companies KeyNatura (est. 2014) and SagaMedica (est. 2000). KeyNatura focused on the development of a novel tank-based algae culture technology. At the time of the 2018 merger KeyNatura had scaled up Astaxanthin-rich algae cultivation, products had been developed, brand established, contracts made, and international markets reached. SagaMedica specialized in Angelica archangelica health products and had reached international markets with the patent pending blockbuster product SagaPro which helps relieve symptoms of an overactive bladder and reduces voiding frequency.

Innovation is the name of the game at SagaNatura and we maintain a highly active R&D department. We strive to develop effective products that are supported by preclinical and clinical studies. Currently two brands are maintained and sold globally. KeyNatura is our own brand that serves the consumer market and the SagaNatura brand services the business-to-business market, offering private label formulas and raw material. We carry a portfolio of products that give a unique position in the ingredient and nutraceutical market and presently the SagaNatura products are sold globally through loyal distributers in USA, China, Canada, Sweden, France, Germany and NZ. Will you be our next partner?

Our Advantage

SagaNatura operates in a growing market on a valuable platform driven by a highly educated and dynamic team with experience from food technology and life science companies. We are determined in becoming a global leader in consumer health products derived from algae and Icelandic plants. We pride ourselves of offering products based on science and are manufactured in a sustainable way using green electricity and pure Icelandic water.

Our Angelica archangelica products are unique, highly effective and backed by scientific research. Our Angelica is organic, wild-crafted and hand-harvested. This hardy Icelandic plant has been used as a medicinal plant in Iceland since the days of the Vikings. Our Astaxanthin raw material and finished products are manufactured from microalgae grown in high-tech photobioreactor which ensures supply, safety and quality algae in any type of climate. Our algae grow fast and well using LED lights driven by 100% renewable green energy and they are grown in pristine Icelandic drinking water which plays a vital role in the quality of the final product.

Our patent pending culturing technology is developed in-house by our experts. It is tank-based, as opposed to most others that use glass tubes or flat panel reactors. Our technology offers more growth per square meter, easier assembly and easier cleaning and disinfecting. Additionally, it provides good working conditions for our employees, is easy to scale up and there is minimum down-time in between batches.


SagaNatura cares about the environment. We make every effort being responsible during harvesting of our precious Angelica archangelica by cutting leaves of plants in a way so the plant will be able to grow and provide leaves in the following year. We also protect the environment by hand harvesting thus no heavy machinery are used that would otherwise harm the environment.


Innovation is the name of the game at SagaNatura, we are continuously developing and testing new products and manufacturing equipment. This spirit has resulted in a patent pending microalgae culturing technology (photobioreactor) that utilizes significantly less space and energy per kg microalgae biomass than other traditional photobioreactors.


We care about offering the best products with proven bioactivity and bioavailability. Our R&D department is responsible for clinical trials, pharmacokinetic studies and preclinical assays on our Angelica archangelica and Astaxanthin products. In addition to our in house studies we also work with universities and research institutes in Iceland and abroad.

Our Origin

SagaNatura focuses on consumer health products derevied from algae and Icelandic plants produced using 100% renewabel energy and pure Icelandic spring water. SagaNatura has two major brands, SagaNatura, focusing on the B2B private label market and KeyNatura, focusing on B2C market.